Catan 25th Anniversary Edition - What's in the Box? (1 Minute Read)

It’s been more than 25 years since the original Settlers of Catan made waves that started in Germany and resonated around the world. To celebrate this quarter century anniversary, Catan Studio published a limited edition version of Catan. The Catan 25th Anniversary edition includes a lot of really cool stuff. In addition to the base game, It includes one of the most popular upgrades to Catan-- the 5-6 Player Extension, so 6 players can play out of the box. It also includes the fun and easy-to-use Helpers of Catan expansion, too. Plus, the many wooden components have had an iridescent finish applied to them, so showing off your limited edition Catan is super fun.

This edition of Catan is great for existing Catan fans who want to upgrade from a previous edition, or for people curious about Catan and want to jump in. 

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